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January has come and gone, and perhaps the fast pace and motivation of the New Year is now feeling a little bit weary? It doesn’t have to be the New Year to experience your mojo going AWOL! This can hit at any time!

Perhaps one of your music goals was to carve more time out to actually songwrite. Then just as you felt motivated to start, you hit a creative block. You wanted to write, but what do you write about? You thought you understood writer's block, and it was just a case of writing anything and not editing, but what you found is that you were blocked before even beginning. You didn’t want to just write anything, you at least wanted to feel positive about your new motivation and have some aim, theme, or topic. Maybe you had an idea but it was so grand, this ‘big project’ became a stumbling block itself.

Cards on the table, this was me a couple of months ago before I’d even got to setting some new goals! I was at the end of completing quite a few things on my musical ‘to-do’ list and rather than feel accomplished I began to feel scared about what to do next, or even if I could create anything again. Let’s explore this a bit deeper before I tell you how I got out.

I think most people are familiar with the term writer’s block. I think there is actually a stage before this which is a Blocked Writer. It remains a mental block but it exists before you have even made yourself sit down and attempt to write.

It’s extremely important to recognise and know that your creativity rises and falls in a rhythm. We have all had days where we flew along and wrote something amazing, and we all have had the opposite. All writers have good days and bad days, and this takes a lot of energy to do this craft well.

There are also days when you feel numb, nothing. You question whether you ever have been creative ever. If you are exhausted and feel blocked like that, you probably don’t have writer’s block, maybe you just need sleep.

So returning to my own situation; I had come up with a grand idea for a project, but now I was doubting it, questioning whether I could accomplish it. So I just decided that was okay. Maybe I could start to do some research on the topic and see if I felt anything. So I did that and I actually concluded the idea was not that great, so I just put it down and actually that felt good! Deciding not to do something can be as powerful as deciding to do something.

The other major positive influence is to have a good network of other creatives. Having people to talk to at any time really helps, and they all will be in some stage of their creative cycle too. You can’t always be the fun positive one that lifts your mates up, we take turns at that when one of us is feeling a bit low. I encourage you to have an ultra close network of two or three songwriting buddies you can turn to when you feel blocked.

I hope this has been helpful; please do reach out if you are feeling like this, I would be more than happy to assist you or just be a listening ear.


I’m a songwriter and collaborator. I help singers and other songwriters explore their own potential, working alongside them to transform their ideas into fully finished songs they are proud of.

I also provide Creative Direction by working with artists, helping them identify creative themes, understand their signature strengths, and how to apply them to move towards their own unique creative destination.

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