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Does AI have any place in Songwriting?

I like trying out new things when it comes to lyric writing, so I had to have a go with this Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted lyric writer called Lyric Studio:


It doesn't write them for you; think of it more like something to bounce an idea off but get new suggestions back. These lyrics are the result of a very short test:

The devil is the fool

So let me be your angel

Make me believe in you

Gonna be what you want me to be

Cos I believe in love

But you don't give a damn

And every day I die

A little more, a little deeper

Killing me so sweetly

As they spill from your lips

Every word I believed in

Every word was a trick

You start by choosing genre if you wish, and a topic setting which can be anything you want. You can then just click and choose what is suggested, or write a line of your own or an adaptation of the suggestions. It shows the syllable count for each line which is a useful feature. It also includes a rhyming dictionary. There is a ‘wackiness’ setting which affects the kind of lyric suggested.

🤖 This isn't a computer writing songs, it's still you, and the suggestions are freshly generated by the AI each time you hit the button, they are not copied from a library somewhere.

I confess I'm still on the fence about how useful it is. The free trial is quite limited and I would have liked to try it out for longer.

Watching the promo videos they are mainly RnB and to be honest all the songs I saw being written were very generic. I felt that even in my short test, it had done a better job, but that might also depend on the user I guess too! What I mainly felt was lacking was the imagery offered. The tool is certainly capable of sparking an idea and suggesting related ideas, but I felt the human would have to do the heavy lifting to make a decent song.

I talked to a songwriter friend of mine who had the paid version and has been trying it out a little more. The biggest benefit he found was that it got him started. It got him past the blank page stage. Once you have something you can edit and improve.

If you are not keen on buying it, here are a few free online tools that provide some inspiration and word tools:

Google image search is great for finding images related to titles, and lines of lyrics to inspire you (don’t just copy them!). The other thing I like about using Google is that it's like referring to a hive mind of humans and seeing how they see an idea. You get a universal view on it!

A rhyming dictionary and thesaurus is included in the AI tool, but here is a free one:


Also, another site which has extremely powerful word and theme searches available. You can search for specific words that relate to a topic that have unique rhyming requirements, such as end rhymes, alliteration etc


➡️ Why don't you have a go yourself and email me what you got and what you think about AI helping songwriters.

Here is the link to the tool:



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