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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Everyday this week I’m bringing you guest blogs on the topic of 'Female Empowerment' / 'Empowering Women in song'.  Please check out the links to each of these talented people:

Jo Henley - Producer for Hire for Songwriters, Beanie Studios


It's about being allowed to just be ourselves and not follow outdated conventions about how we should dress or act

It's about being allowed to have a voice & an opinion...we only got the vote in 1911 thanks to the suffragette movement

It's about not being shy or ashamed to say we have skills that have traditionally been in a male dominated area

It's about being seen as a person & not just the opposite of male

Men & women are not equal physically. We look different physically and we are wired slightly differently too as we have different roles from the 'continuation of the species' perspective but that doesn't mean that we can't be equal on an intellectual or skills front.

Looking back historically maybe men were afraid of our differences & liked to be in control & dominant as it made it easier for them. With better understanding in this modern age I don't generally think we're seen as a threat anymore but changes to make us more 'equal' with employment positions & salary-wise are still being fought for in this current era. One industry slow to change has been the music industry. Female engineers/producers/live sound operators are still quite rare. When I first started out doing music & re-mixes I developed a logo (which I use to this day) just to hide myself in an attempt to be taken more seriously. I wouldn’t have got a look-in for some of the re-mixing jobs that I did if they had known I was a woman...I got called 'mate' in many emails! I still use my logo but am happy to declare that I write & produce. I also play bass in a covers band. I am the only female in the band & I get a lot of women coming up to me afterwards to say how great it is to see a woman up playing. Some comments that I get are 'and you really can play' which is both a compliment and an insult at the same time lol!

We are making steps forward. `It's not actually been that long since the woman's role was mainly confined to 'at home raising the family & looking after the husband who goes to work'. We still have a way to go & when I scan the stories in the on-line version of the papers (Daily Mail to be exact) I am disappointed to see photo after photo of barely dressed women posing & pouting....how does that help us be taken more seriously? Sigh......same applies to the music industry. The majority of female artists or groups all dress provocatively. I'm starting to sound like an old fart but I wish 'sex' didn't have to sell the music....bring back ugly but talented artists!

Justine Perry - Lyricist and Blogger


For me, female empowerment in music (and in general) is to support other women where possible, and be kind even when you don’t agree. In this digital age, there is so much negativity and nastiness, I think we can empower both men and women by supporting their talents, even if it’s just with kind words. In lyrics, it could be encouraging people who might feel inferior to keep going and believe in themselves. 

The music industry is known to be male dominated, especially in certain fields such as production, so the other thing of importance when considering female empowerment is to help women into those jobs/opportunities and make sure they’re given an equal chance. 


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