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Everyday this week I’m bringing you guest blogs on the topic of 'Female Empowerment' / 'Empowering Women in song'.  Please check out the links to each of these talented people:

Jess - Fierce & Fabulous Revolution


For me, female empowerment within the music scene is focusing on the emotions & challenges artists face through their careers & trying to break the stereotype that some believe they should still follow. 

There are endless avenues that can be approached when writing a song that centres around this subject, but I believe the answer should focus on the artist expressing who she is inside & is not made to feel ashamed to hide it.

Joanne - Singer Songwriter


To me female empowerment is about celebrating the beauty and innate strength of women. We are mothers, lovers, carers, providers, teachers, students, friends, advisors, workers, healers...I could go on. We contribute so much to so many and do it with our own unique feminine charm. Shining a light on all of this, demonstrating the many roles we play so effortlessly and the difference we make by simply being ourselves, for me, is hugely empowering. 

Independence has often been a focus of female empowerment songs and this has a place. There are times in our lives when recognising we can do things for ourselves or alone is so important. Research shows that women don't always have the confidence or self belief they need to go it alone in work and life. And, many of us don't realise just how independent we already are until we are forced to find out. Songs about recovering from heartache, providing for ourselves or making our own way in the world draw attention to this and create a sense that 'we've got this'. 

The other thing that is often felt as empowering is the point about being equal.This isn't about man bashing or saying one gender is better than the other but rather that we have something equally important to contribute. To quote a great female empowerment song, 'behind every great man, there has to be a great woman'  making her own strong and unique contribution to their joint success. This particular song focused on the fact that women are 'doing it for themselves' which links to my above comments on independence throwing off the shackles of historical norms and becoming new, self sufficient and successful people.

Lastly, and something that is often missed, is women holding up other women. The whole Spice Girls 'Girl Power' thing struck a chord because it was a rally cry to other girls to stick together, push each other on and celebrate ourselves. Women supporting women is massively empowering.

Nicki Kelly - Artist


For me, empowerment in a song needs to be delivered through a journey. After all, being empowered is exactly that. If we look back through history, women have had to overcome so much. The struggle is part of life, and needs to be part of the song, use the verses to tell the story, and the music behind the lyrics also has to tell the story too. I love it when the verses are mostly minor chords, and you can throw in something fancy like a 7th, or maybe if you’re feeling really dangerous, throw in something dark, maybe a diminished chord. As you progress to that BIG, STADIUM chorus, keep the chords simple and bright, and give the song, the story, and the listener the lift they need. I want to feel something, I want to feel that shift in emotion through your lyrics, the chords. Major chords work a treat, but if you want an empowerment anthem, throw in a power chord, they are named such for a reason.


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