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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The FIVE big themes in music being used for TV, Film, Advertising:


All these big themes are all positive images, so although people might write sad songs, it's always good to have hope in our songs that eventually leads us back to one of these big strong positive themes, or at least alludes to it.

Today we focus on HOME

This can be both a physical or emotional place to be.  We probably start by thinking of a physical place of safety, and comfort.  It’s somewhere we should be able to be truly ourselves without judgement. It has connotations of warmth, comfort, and protection, literally somewhere we can be protected from the outside world, from bad weather or even bad people.

When we spend a longtime from home, we long for it.  Even when perhaps we are on holiday, towards the end we can start to yearn for home, and it’s familiarities.  We might view our home as our family home where we grew up, which might not be local, and that could be down the road or halfway around the world.

Home can also be just a feeling too. This can be experienced anywhere when we feel at ease, or comfortable in company with others. A spiritual home perhaps.

There are darker themes of course - home for some is not a place of safety or support, but one of fear.  We can also write from the opposite perspective to home, and therefore accentuate all the good things we miss about home or a home should be.

What does home mean to you?


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