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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The FIVE big themes in music being used for TV, Film, Advertising:


In this blog I’m taking a look at these themes from a more artist based perspective.

Today we focus on TOGETHERNESS

This has been a big theme recently, we have all experienced trying to be together when we are forced apart.  I think this only emphasizes the importance of human connections.  We were built for relationships and we thrive best when we can be together and communicate.  It’s more than just being able to see and hear each other, we need the physical connection of being in the same spaces together and sharing experiences.  That brings deeper connections that begin to grow from both good and bad shared experiences.  We are all in this together, getting through it together.  That gives us confidence that we are not alone having to work out everything for ourselves.

As a passing thought, I think body language probably plays into that a lot too, which is of course a lot harder to read online.

When we are together we are more, our conversations are heightened, our ideas brightened, our creativity sparks faster, and we love to bounce ideas off each other. Again it’s one of the things us humans are great at.  Teamwork can be fun, especially when we are working towards a shared goal, that we call can benefit from.  This is something I’ve noticed in song collaborations too.  The most important factor before a lyric is started is that you get along. If that chemistry is right, then a good and trusting relationship can start, and that really makes a good place for song ideas to form and grow and be developed.

Because a lot of songs are about romantic love and loss, the topic of TOGETHERNESS is often forgotten, so it's a great subject to write about, and we are all going to understand the feelings, emotions and images around these kinds of ideas.  This is platonic love, friendzone in a positive way; in a brotherly / sisterly way, working closely and making each experience better because we have a friend there sharing every moment.

Think about the times you laughed, cried and just hung out with a good pal.  If you can capture those moments in a song, then you are onto a winning subject.


Today I help singers and songwriters explore their own potential, working alongside them to transform their ideas into fully finished songs they are proud of.

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