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How I nearly... wrote a song for blockbuster film

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Let’s wind back to Jan 2016.  I was in the middle of my year in the London based Songwriting Academy programme.  It had been suggested that it was a good thing to join Twitter as it allowed you to connect with people all over the world.  So I joined and not long after stumbled on a young American DJ writing his own tracks. I followed him to his SoundCloud page, and liked his page.  It was not long after that a 1:30 long track was posted. I thought it had potential for a dance song, and contacted him to see if I could use it. He said yes, and he sent me the audio file.

It had a very strong melodic hook, and I chopped up the track and copied and pasted parts to make a track about 3:30 long using just what was there. I added some simple keyboard parts, and wrote some words with one of my collaborators.  I had started working with an Italian singer and thought her voice would be perfect for the track. “Lost in the rhythm” was born.

On one of my trips to London, I travelled across London to her flat with a mobile recording studio my rucksack  - laptop, audio interface, SM58 mic, headphones. It was an awful quality recording but good enough to get the idea down.

I submitted the track to one of my mentors (a platinum songwriter who had previously worked with the Three Degrees), who loved it, and was so excited by it wanted to immediately skype me to discuss a bigger idea that he thought it would be great for.  I was excited, my co-writer was excited, my singer and the American DJ were excited!

The singer and myself got called to meet up in a pub in West London one evening after work to discuss the idea further. We were caught up in this little whirlwind. We met and the idea for a new film plot was discussed in hushed tones - something between James Bond, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Saturday Night fever - a disco / dance music based film, which could feature our song, and would ultimately end with one of the mentor’s previous hit songs at the end.  To be fair the idea and plot was brilliant, and is still a great idea - I hope one day it does get made. The snags were; no script, and no funding. I think you can tell where this was going!

Off the back of this song, we met again in a writing room in London in the summer of 2016 and wrote another specific song for the same film idea, a professional demo was produced, and then…. well we are still waiting for one day when this whole project might move forward.

I wish I could share the song with you - I can’t

I wish I could share the plot with you or even the working title - I can’t

One day, who knows - one day perhaps I will have a song in a blockbuster film

Take every opportunity, because although they don’t always work out, maybe one day they will. Stay positive.


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