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Hopefully the Pre-orders and Pre-saves are doing their job, but remind people that the single is out

Share links to where you want them to go first.  Do you want downloads - only give them the iTUNES link.  Streams? then use the links to those platforms. Use Spotify cards to promote your new track.

Keep your fans involved on the day

Give them regular updates on streams, or downloads, or chart positions.  Again this makes them feel part of your journey and shares your successes with them.


Just continue to share what’s happening with your song.  When it’s being played on radio, any reviews you have. Follow up on any emails and contacts that didn’t respond the first time.

Getting your first 1000 streams

Getting past that first 1000 plays can seem like the obvious first goal.  A Lot of songs don’t make it past this.

Does the 1K mark actually even matter? NO!

I think it's largely a psychological barrier at 1K. If I was to go to the Spotify page of an unknown artist, in all honesty I would probably decide which songs to play first based on their play counts - simply because it's an indication of popularity.  I might even avoid the <1K songs if I was in a hurry.

Do NOT repeat stream your own song!

Getting to that 1K mark not only helps you past this psychological barrier, it also allows Spotify to give you a real view on who is streaming and where.  I would certainly NOT advocate you repeat streaming your own song to achieve this goal - most people’s artist accounts are linked to their personal accounts, so Spotify would almost certainly notice that - and might report suspicious activity, which could at worst result in your song being pulled from the platform.

By self streaming you are actually cheating yourself from real fans information.  If it was only you, your Sister and Mum streaming then your monthly listener count is going to be very low, so really what new information have you gained in that instance! Let your real audience react to your song, and see what happens. Remind your fans about your release and continue to update them on its progress.

Everyday 40K new songs are added to Spotify. It’s very easy to get lost in that jungle.  This is more about building your fan base over time; real fans who like your music and appreciate your artistry.  Those are the people who would potentially actually turn up to your gigs.

Look for influencers - not the big guns, but the smaller nano influencers, people on social media that talk about music a lot, that seem to have engagement and replies and re-posts.  These smaller influencers will not have big ego’s and are more likely to want to help a smaller unsigned artist. Don’t be afraid to start those conversations on social media, and continue to build those friendships.  They will be helpful for now and next time.  Share their stuff if you find it helpful.  They might want to return the favour, but don’t do this expecting it. Encourage them to sign up to your mailing list.

Planning a Lyric Video or Official Video?

If you have a lyric video or full video, then maybe consider holding back on releasing that until you have reached a specific goal - like x number of streams.  I’ve even seen an artist recently say they are not going to put any new music out until after they get to 10K streams.  If you have truly knocked the listener out with that first song, then maybe this is one way of getting attention.

It’s risky because what if you don’t get the streams or it takes way longer than you expected. On the other hand fans might become so desperate to hear your next song, they stream you more so they can get the next song or see the video or whatever you have promised.  Consider competitions to win merchandise maybe based on sharing the video or something they can easily do, but also spreads your music.

Get your fans to request your music on the radio - find the stations that play similar music to yours, and find the request pages - share the links, and make it as easy as possible for your fans to request your songs.


Today I help singers and songwriters explore their own potential.  I encourage them to see new ways to view their creative ideas, working alongside to transform them into fully finished songs they are proud of.

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