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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

You should be entering this phase of the Song House build with a title or at least a central idea for the song expressed in a sentence.

Here is how to develop it and see if it’s worth taking it further.


o Emotions

o Relationships

o Events

o Characters

o Objects

o Ideas / Phrases

o Images

o Cliches — Un-cliche with adjectives

That’s not good enough on its own, you want the listener to feel something, to come away from the song feeling different. Don’t settle for a basic idea, try to really push the concept and explore what the idea could mean or if the title has another meaning that gives a new perspective on the topic.


o What can be developed? Multiple perspectives / a twist / a second concept

o Who cares!

o How does this MOVE the listener?

o How does it CHANGE how they feel?

o Who is singing it? Boys can be vulnerable, Girls can be empowered

o Strong Authentic Emotion

I came into this section of the approach with the title: ‘Big Sky Dreaming’, and I had been looking at the idea of working against the typical message of life - ‘you need to settle down’.  Well what if i don’t want to, or what if I tried that and now I need something new?!

Write down what happens in each section of your song: e.g.

V1 - Started with the same choices like everyone, but life moves too fast

V2 - I just did what I was expected to like everyone else - why did I do that?

Ch - I don’t want to grow up and settle down.  I still have my dreams

→ Title: Big Sky Dreaming

V3 - Is this my dream or someone else's?


Br - Later in life.  I don’t regret anything, but I haven’t given up on my dream.

I always try to have hope in my songs, so what might initially seem like a negative idea that you’ve lived your life doing what everyone else wanted or suggested, actually it's not too late to follow your dream and still achieve it.

This was why I had a bridge where I wanted to make it clear that I have no regret, I didn’t do the wrong things, and actually I haven’t given up on the dream and I don’t have to.


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