• Hugh Webber

This blog is moving to Medium

Updated: May 10

Right now my website is having a major revamp, and when it goes live I will have moved away from Wix. I'm pretty excited by how it's going to look, hopefully including a very cool visual feature to see and stream my released music and all my co-writes.

As part of my website upgrade I am moving my Music Industry Blog onto the Medium website and app. It's designed for blogging and writing and has lots of great content from other writers that you can access alongside my own articles. I'm hoping to attract a bit more traffic to it there, and maybe a bit more traffic back to my website also.

There are a couple of articles already available, so please do head across and follow and subscribe there. It's easy to create a free account, and you will get notified when I post something new there.

Here is the link: Medium Website


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