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Updated: Jan 23

It’s cool to be Indie right? Yeah!, but is it fair to put the pressures of a signed artist on yourself, when you are everything including social media manager, booking manager, tour bus driver, roadie, merch seller, oh and the actual singer / songwriter / artist?!

You don’t want a label holding you back and telling you what to do right? True, but you also don’t have that same label backing you physically, and financially.

So are we expecting too much of ourselves as an Indie Artist?

I believe there is this real danger of creating a great amount of stress by having all these big expectations. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to have to be signed to get a record deal. Now everyone can have a record deal. These days, just join a distributor like Distrokid and the deal is done!

We can’t ALL be famous, otherwise none of us will be?!

That’s okay isn’t it? If you started this journey just to become famous, then I cautiously suggest you started it for the wrong reasons.

I think most people began their music creativity because they ‘had to’. The creativity burned inside to the point you had to create something, and when you did it gave you a high, and a sense of massive achievement. You wanted to express something of yourself. Maybe you didn’t even care if anyone else liked it to begin with, then somewhere along the lines you started to seek recognition / acceptance. That’s fine, but being aware of that is always a good thing too.

From my personal perspective as a songwriter (and not the artist myself) I regularly ask myself - “why am I doing this, why am I posting this picture or blog or tweet? What am I trying to achieve” I am quite possibly an overthinker! Does that just come with the territory of a creative? I think it’s a healthy thing to question yourself sometimes and check to understand why you take certain actions. When I first got back into songwriting, one of the goals / check-ins I had was simply “Am I having fun”. If that is a ‘no’ at any point, then that’s where trouble might begin.

I’ll leave you with these questions;

Why did you start this music journey?

What did you hope to achieve when you started?

Are you still trying to do that, or have you gone off track somewhere?

Are you clear what your creative direction is?


Today I help singers and songwriters explore their own potential, working alongside them to transform their ideas into fully finished songs they are proud of.

I also provide Creative Direction coaching by working with artists helping them identify creative themes, understand their signature strengths, and how to apply them to move towards their own unique creative destination.

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